JAck London's The Star Rover

Directed by David Green  -  Thursday 6th - Saturday 22nd August 2015 - 9:25pm - Spotlites @ The Merchants Hall - in collaboration with Guessworks Theatre

The Star Rover_ Joe Darbyshire, Silvia Colucci, Alex Horrox-White.jpg

On the eve of his hanging, a death-row convict sits alone with his memories. Despite years of relentless straitjacket torture, he remains defiant, spurred by wild visions of past lives and the certainty that after it all, something new awaits.

The Star Rover_ Silvia Colucci.jpg

Praise for the star rover

Joe Darbyshire - Darrell Standing
Silvia Colucci - The Girl
Alex Horrox-White - Doctor Jackson/Cecil Winwood
Jonathan Massey - Warden Atherton
Cameron Panting - Captain Jamie
Directed by Davey Lias
Original music composed and performed by Davey Lias

Poster created by Ben AE Filby 

Poster created by Ben AE Filby