Devised by Matthew Barnes and Company-
ST George's Theatre - Great Yarmouth - 26th May 2018
Everyman Studio Theatre - Cheltenham - 23rd - 24th May 2018
The English Theatre Company - Warsaw, Poland - 19th - 23rd March 2018
Iron Belly, Under Belly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe - August 4th - 27th 2017


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William and the Outlaws have set up a theatre in The Old Barn and announce that they will be presenting their adventure. They're acting out all the characters, they've made all the props and of course Violet Elizabeth wants to play too…

The invincible William Brown considers he is jolly well equal to solving most of life's trickier problems, although devising a plan to get the elder brothers of the Outlaws married off might be a considerable challenge... Shedload Theatre presents a love letter to Richmal Crompton's classic characters in a fresh and dynamic adaptation. Fusing live storytelling, screaming and screaming, music, knights of the square table, Foley sound effects, the Outlaws trademark gusto and all the best intentions.


Within our adaptation Each scene is framed with the original text (read by an outlaw or two) so the heart and vitality of the stories will remain central, of course; but we want to bring in a fresh and dynamic energy with elements of physical theatre and a childlike manipulation of the world around them, using whatever they've been able to find (or “borrow”) to help create their story. We're also bringing in live music and foley effects all performed by the actors on stage to fully engage the audience at all times and ensure there is never a dull moment when William is involved!

Just William's Luck group.png

Original Cast 2017
Jonathan Massey - William
David Green - Douglas
Thomas Guttridge - Ginger
Greg Arundell - Henry
Lucy Telfer - Violet Elizebeth

Previous Shows
Iron Belly, Under Belly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe - August 4th - 27th 2017


****  Broadway baby
Adapting well-loved source material can be a tricky art, but Shedload Theatre have managed to maintain the essence of Richmal Crompton’s Just William stories in this riotous hour of slick and clever theatre that will appeal to children and adults alike.